Luxury Quality Assurance

Stainless Steel Screw

Every small details like screws are all made by food-grade 304 stainless s1eel wnich will not rust, stained and will not corroded to guarantee quality of cabinet

Original handle

Every model of handle is anti-acid and anti-corrode under frequent use.

Stainless steel pullout drawer and basket

100% using stainless steel material, put an end to rust and mildew, easy to clean, more durable.

Original BLUM hinges

Fully using original BLUM hinges, smooth and silent operation of opening and closing cabinet doors panel. Tested up to 200,000 times continuously.

Sensor LED lighting system under wall cabinet

Auxiliary enhanced lighting enables you to cook handily, convenient for daily operations.

Unique pressed door panel

The only one and unique cabinet in the market. Enjoy the classic look of cabinet using stainless steel cabinet.

First modular style panel

FADIOR panels is using modular concept to make installation and uninstalling fast and easy.

Accurate positioning hole technology

With Super Laser CNC technology positioning create holes and mounting a base accurately, so that the connection between the screw and the cabinet firm.

Tempered glass shelf wrapped with stainless steel

Good looking cabinet with enhanced lighting and durability to withstand weight up to 35Kg.

Intelligent cabinet lighting

Open and store your items with the convenience lighting system. It will automatically switch on whenever the cabinet opens and off when the cainet door is closed.

Stainless steel cabinet skirting

No oxidation, fading, deform! It is durable and resistant to most natural damages

Anti shock and smooth latch

Open and closed cabinet door with stable operation to protect your cabinet and avoid that slamming sound.

One piece solid cabinet panel.

Using FADIOR one-piece molding technology you get durable and good looking wall.

High-end stainless steel countertop

Solid, environmentally safe, tough to most damages is all you could ask for a perfect cabinet.

Sturdy hanging wall cabinet system

Fill in your cabinet and it will never go down! It can holds weight more than 250Kgs, its like 4 adults living in your cabinet.

Round beveled edges

Have a free worry mind for sharp edges and corner in your kitchen. It is safe with Luxury Kithen.

Seamless surface stove cabinet

Your stove will fit perfectly without any gap producing smooth surface on your cabinet. Plus, it will be easier to clean.

Heat, humid and dirt proof

So what if you cook every hours? Luxury Kitchen can withstand heat, water resistant and is easier to clean.

Sturdy cabinet panel

Adopting and using FADIOR anti-drop technology, veneer of the cabinet has passed repeated inspection and test. It is guarantee that your cabinet door will not tear down even after 10 years.


For what is soundproof? In Luxury Kitchen we know the fact that you are passionate cook but, the noise you made may be disturbing. With our kitchen your neighbour will never know where is the delicious smell came from.

Practical corner drawer

Using cabinet space effectively by adding corner drawer in between cabinets. Say no more to stuck drawers.

Industry's first standardized installation

While installation we make sure that dust and noise is at the lowest. Afterall, only few assembly is needed. Dont be astonished when the next morning you wake up, you can already see your Luxury Kitchen ready to be used.

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